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Identify strategies - acompanying concrete projects 


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Reflect - Intervene - Discuss - Research - - Design 


Seventeen roots invite you to activate the transformative power of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.  The SDG-roots programme is about linking the SDG's with the overarching key human competencies. Insa Winkler develops a strategy for sustainable systems thinking, in which the SDGs are enriched like nutrients in roots, as well as very individual life plans can emerge from them. 


The SDGs should first be perceived and linked to one's own associations in everyday life. In this way, the SDGs can be internalised. In this way, the principle of the SDGs is designed for personal development and enrichment. The fact that there are 16 other participants in each run is intended to bring the normative nature of sustainability into focus through empathy with the other participants and their cognitive dissonance. 

The participants experience a sustainable root enrichment of owns  sustainable potentials by adopting their own root as a partner of reflexion. In these roots, the SDGs are enriched with their own individual approaches. It is precisely the reflected self-experiences on the 17 goals that enable integrated problem-solving. In each case, 17 roots and their 17 fellow players meet for a collaborative Interaction with the possibility of systematically internalising all the Sustainable Development Goals. The enrichment in a counterpart with a root enables an anticipatory perception of one's own (non-) sustainable environment and at the same time encourages one to grasp one's own sustainable connections. The projection onto these play figures directs the discussion into a creative attitude. The participants can develop attitude profiles. Further game runs enable the already rooted strategies of existing roots to be profiled, to think further and also to discard them.


In parallel, 4 modules are offered in which the goals can be successively deepened: 

"17 roots of sustainability" as a perspective of education, as a partnership for the goals and as a challenge of the interrelationships in climate protection.

"17 roots of the environment and nture" as a realisation of the interrelationships of hunger, health, water, life under water and on land. 

"17 Root of fait trade" with a focus on energy, innovation, infrastructures, consumption and production. 

"17 roots for freedom and peace" as a foothold for humanity against poverty, for gender equality, for decent work and economy, for peace and justice. 


Through a digital manual, participants can also obtain a certificate.

The SDG-roots programme provides both a low threshold approach to engage with the goals in a group and a process for resilient engagement with the goals.The project was designed for both analogue and web-based playful participation. The call "Find your sustainable roots" is intended to promote the creative examination of "sustainability" through an artistic method. 


Dr. Insa Winkler in cooperation with artecology_network. e.V.


The project is funded by the EWE Foundation as well as the OLB Foundation.